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Ainsley Louise

Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to continue another “how to dress like a fashion blogger” and talk about one of my favourite bloggers –

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Ethnic Blowout!! #ootw

Hey, fellow unicorns! It is that time of the year again, where schools and universities are back in session and the recent graduates are grooving with their fresh internships waiting to change the world. But the biggest struggle any girl would face is the monumental decision of choosing an outfit every morning and crying your eyes out in front of a packed wardrobe that you have nothing to wear. No need to be embarrassed, we all have been there at least once and the pressure is real! 😀 My sister recently got admission in this fabulous University to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a chef (Congrats love!) and even though she was super excited to start the journey, the agony of selecting a new outfit every single day was an astronomical task and me, being the self-proclaimed fashion expert (Not really! :D) decided to help my sis out for the lunch event with her college friends and I won’t lie but it turned out to be a stunning look (mainly because she is so pretty! <3) She decided to wear a beautiful maroon asymmetrical kurta which was perfect for casual meet up with friends with funky Aztec print leggings to give a perfect contrast to the outfit. Pairing the outfit with some oxidized jhumkas and beige wedges, she was ready to rock the lunch shindig. Take a look…









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Black Beauty!! #ootw

Hey, fellow unicorns! It has been a minute and a half since I have sat down peacefully to present fresh content for my readers with the same vigor and motivation which somehow lacked during the previous week (It is ok to feel a little unmotivated at times). But after some soul searching and a mini break I am now ready to turn on my beast mode and deliver some smoking hot blogs. So it was my dear friend Shreya’s birthday, so my college buddies and I went to have lunch at this amazing restaurant to celebrate her day. Everyone dressed to impress with sexy one piece and beautiful ethnic wear to fit in with the fancy atmosphere and it was a fresh relief breaking the monotony of casual college outfits. The birthday girl decided to wear a plain black bodycon one piece which hugged her in all the right places. The outfit was from LimeRoad, an online fashion store and much to our surprise the quality was amazing. It was not a saggy and cheap material which is always a relief to the online shoppers and the black color of the dress made it look like a perfect outfit for fancy occasions. She decided to pair up this look with a beautiful bronze floral neckpiece and some closed toe wedges to complete the look. Since it was daytime, minimal jewelry was the way to go. This outfit is so versatile that it could make a killer night time outfit with some sky high stilettos. Take a look…






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The lady in blue! #ootw

Hey, fellow unicorns! Happy month of July to all of my lovely readers. It is absolutely crazy how fast this year is going by and I, for one am not ready to ditch my summer clothes yet! So during my recent visit to the brand new mall constructed around my area my baby friend Shreya and I decided to head down to the mall to explore ways to burn a hole in my pocket. I, being the sloth of the gang showed up in T-shirt and jeans whereas my friend showed up wearing an A-line dress which hugged her in all the right places and made her look like a total babe. ❤ The dress was so cute that I knew I had to give her a mention on my blog and since she is a sweetheart she immediately agreed to model for my blog. She paired this navy blue number with a nude beige sling bag and nude flats because she apparently hates heels! (I know she is crazy! :P) This simple yet stunning look is amazing for day wear and is totally customizable with a chunky neck piece and some sky high heels to rock the dance floor! Take a look…






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BTS-V inspired outfit! #ootw


Hey, fellow Unicorns! It has been a minute and a half since I have done a #ootd and frankly missed being shy and awkward in front of the camera. So for the first blog of this week, I did not wish to do another simple #ootd but give a little twist to it. I am a huge fan of pop music and recently I was exposed to the talented world of K-POP, which is an abbreviation for Korean pop music and boy was I hooked! So much that my playlist now includes 90% k-pop music and 10% Hollywood or Bollywood music.


Trust me when I say this k-pop is out for world domination and frankly Holly’s and Bolly’s need to learn music from these people especially from my favorite boy band BTS aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts aka Bangtan Boys aka Bangtan Sonyeondan (They are the same band! :D)! These people are so talented and BEAUTIFUL that everyone is charmed by their personality irrespective of gender. Trust me, they will make you question your sexuality! You have been warned (don’t believe me, watch ‘BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS’ from bts and thank me later! :P).IMG_0809

Apart from their talent to sing, dance, rap and have amazing good looks, their fashion game is always on point wherever they go. They don’t shy away from feminine colors and experimentation and that’s why the fans go gaga over them in the entire world. Even though BTS-Jimin is my ultimate fav aka bias, BTS-V’s fashion sense wins me over every single time, especially his look from ‘War of Hormone’ music video where he dresses up as a rockstar with some formal strip pants and the first time when I saw that I knew I had to do #ootd with those pants!


I decided to wear striped leggings with a loose beige button down shirt for some fitting contrast. Recently, I have been obsessed with frames especially the round or ‘Gandhi’ glasses which went perfectly with this look to oomph my outfit. I paired this outfit with my golden Mary Jane’s that tied the whole look together. I wanted to accessorize more but since this was an inspiration and V usually keeps it casual I decided to not add rings or necklaces.


This outfit is perfect for the summer because it is so laid back and stylish at the same time! I had so much fun shooting for this outfit with my good friend Vidhi and was completely satisfied with the look.


I usually don’t like to experiment much but looking at how amazing this look turned out, I definitely want to experiment even more and I recommend you to do the same because this weather is perfect to get your fashion game on!

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6 items every girl needs to complete her wardrobe!

Hey, fellow unicorns! It’s been quite some time since I sat in front of my laptop and did the one thing that excites and challenges me the most- the love of writing! Trust me there were so many reasons why I should have given up but I decided to listen to that small insecure voice in my gut that told me to start this thrilling journey once again with a bang. With my graduation and exams officially over, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to get my head back in writing. Since this blog is mainly based on my love for fashion, it was only fitting that I started by writing something on (surprise!) fashion. As I was contemplating the theme that I would use for my same #ootd and be raiding my closet to find pieces to make a cute outfit, it made me wonder what made a wardrobe complete- the answer is everything!! But what were the items that I would need to get almost all of my #ootd a success? Yup, you guessed it right! I am talking about the unsung heroes of fashion that people tend to neglect but are of absolute importance when it comes to making or breaking an outfit. So I gathered the pieces and called my dearest absolutely gorgeous friend to help me shoot these items and she made me proud by looking stunning in every picture! So here are the basic pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe-

  • A stunning white top You may have hundreds of tops in your closet with all the colors of the rainbow, but one thing that usually stands out the most and this is my personal fav is a classic white tee. you could experiment this color with almost anything and everything. Pair these with some statement pieces and you can rock the outfit anytime be it day or night.


  • Black jeans – If we talk about having a white tee is a must, how could we forget the charm and sexiness black jeans brings to an outfit. It goes with almost everything and makes you look like a goddess.


  • ballerinas or Flats – Even if we go gaga over the latest trends of heels and cannot get enough even with ten pairs of heels that look exactly the same and still not feel content (me!!), the one item that we always wish for after wearing those cruel sky high heels are the flats. They are a girl’s ultimate weapon to stay sane and with two functioning feet. Cute flats always make the outfit pretty so having them in the closet is a total no brainer.


  • Scarves-  These are perhaps the most underrated item is a girl’s closet, but have the power to make a meh outfit totally awesome. And with the variety of designs available, they deserve an honorary space in the wardrobe.


  • Statement jewelry – There are times when you imagine an outfit to be perfect but once you put it on it doesn’t look as good as you thought it would be, ya that’s basically my everyday problem! But that does not mean that the outfit is bad, it just needs a boost. Like salt enhances the taste of the food, so does a pair of statement jewelry. It completely transforms a boring look to a beautiful look.


So these are my list of items that I feel is absolutely necessary to complete your wardrobe. Now you would say I had six items to share but I only mentioned five. This is because the sixth and the most important accessory you would have is your smile! (cheesy right?). But with all honesty, even if your outfit is perfect but if you don’t feel happy about it even the most expensive outfit will look like shit but if you have a positive attitude even the cheapest dress will bring out the best in you! I guess this is all I have to share for now and I hope you guys found this blog interesting and fun to read! Until next time!! ❤


Party glam!!! #ootw

As you guys would have noticed by now, my addiction to color white is real. And why shouldn’t I be addicted to a color so beautiful which gives everyone an ethereal look? Since my past ootw were mostly casual and would be perfect for day to day wear, I thought it was time for a party outfit that shouts ‘GLAM’!! My friend Shreya who has a killer personality was ideal for this outfit shoot. The gray body con midi dress from MANGO is perfect for both day and night. Its soft fabric hugs the body’s curve in all the right places with elegance. She decided to top the sleeveless midi with a chiffon white top from 109* which has delicate crochet work at the shoulders to make it perfect for a day party. Since the colors were neutral and was lacking color, we decided to add red shoes from MOCHI, red neckpiece and earrings for the bodacious glam look. And voila, now you are ready to rock the college and office parties 😉 <3.

PC- Vidhi Sharma, Molika Oreya, Deeksha Shetty ❤

Until next time ❤ 🙂 😉







Tropical beauty!! #ootw

“Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahan, zara hat ke, zara bach ke, yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”! If i ever get to describe Mumbai in two words it would be ‘tropical paradise’. It is known for it’s crazy weather changes which is why we are blessed with bright sunny days in monsoon season. Keeping in mind my love for color white, I asked Vidhi who has been my supportive friend and photographer for the past ootw to be the model for my blog. This time it was her turn to face the camera and say cheese!! 😀 Since it was quite sunny that day, she decided to wear an outfit which would be perfect for a day party at college,meeting up with friends etc. The sleeveless top from only had side crochet detailing that gives it a feminine look perfect to be paired with ripped jeans from forever 21. She completed this look with white slip on shoes from a store in Dubai, a choker neckpiece from Hill road, and charm bracelet from Colaba. IMG_6152






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Casual Vibes!!! #ootw

College time is the best time to go crazy when it comes to fashion. There are days when we like to bring out the hidden fashion junkie by going full on glam but there are days where we keep it casual by dressing down in simple tee and jeans. White being one of my fav colors to wear for almost any event, I asked my friend Molika (also known as teddy bear! 😉 ) to be my model for the day. Since white was the main color, she decided to wear a casual outfit which is perfect for the college time. She opted for a basic white tee which is a button down shirt from behind from fbb. She paired the white shirt with green pants for a pop of color. The ankle strap wedges with red detail is a must buy from Snapdeal. She completed the look with a sling bag, a long necklace, and a white wrist watch. This outfit is perfect for wearing in college, meeting up with friends, or just about any event. Since I am a terrible photographer my friends Vidhi, Shreya and Deeksha helped me complete this shoot with ease 😉 <3.

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Times Sonam Kapoor rocked FORMAL wear!!!

By now you guys must have realised that Sonam Kapoor is my ultimate fashion inspiration. Whatever she wears becomes my favourite for life. So with my final graduation year coming to an end and placement drives about to start for internships, it is imperative to fund in some formal wear to impress those corporate biggies. And since Sonam is my fashion idol, I had to look up to her for some inspiration and as always I was not disappointed. So here are some looks which were worn by Sonam to inspire your formal wardrobe…



Elbow length sleeves Anarkali kurta by Shalini James



Victoria’s Secret shirt with Sanjay Garg’s midi skirt and jacket



Antonio Berardi white pant suit



Sonam LBD by Ashi Studios 



Sonam in Manish Arora mid length skirt



Chanel coat with lacy Aquazurra pumps
Sonam in Isabel Marant pant suit