Black Beauty!! #ootw

Hey, fellow unicorns! It has been a minute and a half since I have sat down peacefully to present fresh content for my readers with the same vigor and motivation which somehow lacked during the previous week (It is ok to feel a little unmotivated at times). But after some soul searching and a mini break I am now ready to turn on my beast mode and deliver some smoking hot blogs. So it was my dear friend Shreya’s birthday, so my college buddies and I went to have lunch at this amazing restaurant to celebrate her day. Everyone dressed to impress with sexy one piece and beautiful ethnic wear to fit in with the fancy atmosphere and it was a fresh relief breaking the monotony of casual college outfits. The birthday girl decided to wear a plain black bodycon one piece which hugged her in all the right places. The outfit was from LimeRoad, an online fashion store and much to our surprise the quality was amazing. It was not a saggy and cheap material which is always a relief to the online shoppers and the black color of the dress made it look like a perfect outfit for fancy occasions. She decided to pair up this look with a beautiful bronze floral neckpiece and some closed toe wedges to complete the look. Since it was daytime, minimal jewelry was the way to go. This outfit is so versatile that it could make a killer night time outfit with some sky high stilettos. Take a look…






Until next time… โค


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