Condom, egg, and makeup! #wtf


Hey, fellow unicorns! This has to be the single craziest thing that I have ever done and frankly, I had so much fun prepping for this blog Kyun ki pagalpanti Bhi zaroori hai!!! We have so much to deal with in our lives that we completely forget to have some fun and this was basically my sole reason to try out something wacky like this. The Internet is full of wacky AF stuff and not so long ago, there was a trend circulating on the blogosphere about using weird stuff to apply foundation that led to the birth of beauty blenders and silisponge and amazing products like that. But there were also many other products that went viral not because they were amazing but because they were so weird, cringey and straight up funny! The products that got the most momentum was using condoms and eggs to apply foundation that went super viral so I thought why not try these on my blog and see if they were any good and had a blast trying these out for the readers. I took help from my mommy who was kind enough to model the products for me (Her expressions were hilarious when I asked her to model with the condom! Love you mom ❤ !)  Take a look…




When I saw this trend my first reaction was gross since I hate having egg and anything to do with egg freaks me out! But I had to try it, since applying foundation with a boiled egg went so viral. I thought if so many people are trying it would be an amazing substitute to the beauty sponge and it would be good to eat after applying foundation (Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!). I was excited but also disgusted to apply an egg to my face let alone eat it after. I boiled the egg, took my fav combo of two Foundations- Maybelline Fit Me! and L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Foundation and with a heavy heart applied it on my face. And just as I had expected it was a total disaster! :’D The smell itself set me off and once I applied it on my face the egg broke and the foundation was so chunky and disgusting! But I still tried to make it work only to make it even more terrible. The final verdict was that you should use egg only for eating and nothing else but it was super fun trying it out! 😀





When I heard about this trend, I was straight up ROFL but at the same time was curious if it was possible to pull off applying foundation with a condom! So I had to try this out to see if this protection device can actually give me a flawless base (wink wink! :D). I actually had a feeling that dealing with a condom would be a way more interesting experience but to my disappointment, it was a rather ok-ish product to try and trying to apply foundation with an egg was far more chucklesome than a condom. But it did apply my foundation way better than the egg but was still a mess to deal with. Shout out to the blogger who thought of trying something this funny. These trends definitely won’t help if you are getting ready for an important occasion but is a real comical experience and should try it at least once with your BFF’s!


Until next time! ❤


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