BTS-V inspired outfit! #ootw


Hey, fellow Unicorns! It has been a minute and a half since I have done a #ootd and frankly missed being shy and awkward in front of the camera. So for the first blog of this week, I did not wish to do another simple #ootd but give a little twist to it. I am a huge fan of pop music and recently I was exposed to the talented world of K-POP, which is an abbreviation for Korean pop music and boy was I hooked! So much that my playlist now includes 90% k-pop music and 10% Hollywood or Bollywood music.


Trust me when I say this k-pop is out for world domination and frankly Holly’s and Bolly’s need to learn music from these people especially from my favorite boy band BTS aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts aka Bangtan Boys aka Bangtan Sonyeondan (They are the same band! :D)! These people are so talented and BEAUTIFUL that everyone is charmed by their personality irrespective of gender. Trust me, they will make you question your sexuality! You have been warned (don’t believe me, watch ‘BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS’ from bts and thank me later! :P).IMG_0809

Apart from their talent to sing, dance, rap and have amazing good looks, their fashion game is always on point wherever they go. They don’t shy away from feminine colors and experimentation and that’s why the fans go gaga over them in the entire world. Even though BTS-Jiminย is my ultimate fav aka bias, BTS-V’s fashion sense wins me over every single time, especially his look from ‘War of Hormone’ music video where he dresses up as a rockstar with some formal strip pants and the first time when I saw that I knew I had to do #ootd with those pants!


I decided to wear striped leggings with a loose beige button down shirt for some fitting contrast. Recently, I have been obsessed with frames especially the round or ‘Gandhi’ glasses which went perfectly with this look to oomph my outfit. I paired this outfit with my golden Mary Jane’s that tied the whole look together. I wanted to accessorize more but since this was an inspiration and V usually keeps it casual I decided to not add rings or necklaces.


This outfit is perfect for the summer because it is so laid back and stylish at the same time! I had so much fun shooting for this outfit with my good friend Vidhi and was completely satisfied with the look.


I usually don’t like to experiment much but looking at how amazing this look turned out, I definitely want to experiment even more and I recommend you to do the same because this weather is perfect to get your fashion game on!

Until next time!!! โค


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