DIY Sheet Masks!!

Hey, fellow unicorns! With the raging trend of skincare all over the world, people are getting more and more aware of the benefits of taking better care of their skin irrespective of the genders. And with the plethora of options available in the market both luxury and drugstore, one product that stands out the most are the sheet masks. The hype of sheet mask originally started from Korea and soon everyone was about that sheet mask life. It is the easiest to apply, gives us the in-home spa session in less than 20 minutes and is available in every single type! They are available for everyone ranging from cheap to the crazy expensive. But whenever a trend catches on, everyone wishes to find an alternative to the product which can be made by our own hands in the comforts of our homes.


So out of curiosity, I was watching videos on YouTube to find DIY’s for sheet masks when I came across an Indian YouTuber where she used face wipes to make her sheet masks. It was a pure genius idea because unlike tissues, face wipes are made of cotton that would not rip easily. So I decided to create my own sheet masks using face wipes. You could literally put any brewed potion of your choice to make a custom sheet mask for your liking. So I gathered some of my favorite home ingredients to make a custom sheet mask for myself and they turned out to be pretty good. It feels absolutely divine to use these after an exhausting day and feel rejuvenated with a baby soft skin.


  •  It is a pretty easy method to make your own sheet masks. I usually take the alcohol-free wipes as alcohol is terrible for the skin, remove the sticky plastic cover, squeeze out the juice in the face wipes (it does not have to be perfect) and keep it for drying for a day.
  • The next day, take a cup of water and add two tablespoons of coffee, green tea, honey, aloe vera gel, washed rice and put it on the stove for boiling.
  • Once the brew is boiled, take it off the stove and strain it through the sieve into another bowl so it would be only liquid.


  • The last step is to pour the liquid slowly into the face wipe pack and let the wipes soak it in after which you could stick the plastic cover back and store it in your refrigerator for that cooling effect.


  • Whenever you feel like applying a sheet mask you could easily pull out the wipes and apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes and voila! you will feel super relaxed and ready to hustle even harder.
  • You could use any ingredients for the brew and also boil some extra coffee water if sheet masks run a little dry.

Until next time!!!


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