6 items every girl needs to complete her wardrobe!

Hey, fellow unicorns! It’s been quite some time since I sat in front of my laptop and did the one thing that excites and challenges me the most- the love of writing! Trust me there were so many reasons why I should have given up but I decided to listen to that small insecure voice in my gut that told me to start this thrilling journey once again with a bang. With my graduation and exams officially over, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to get my head back in writing. Since this blog is mainly based on my love for fashion, it was only fitting that I started by writing something on (surprise!) fashion. As I was contemplating the theme that I would use for my same #ootd and be raiding my closet to find pieces to make a cute outfit, it made me wonder what made a wardrobe complete- the answer is everything!! But what were the items that I would need to get almost all of my #ootd a success? Yup, you guessed it right! I am talking about the unsung heroes of fashion that people tend to neglect but are of absolute importance when it comes to making or breaking an outfit. So I gathered the pieces and called my dearest absolutely gorgeous friend to help me shoot these items and she made me proud by looking stunning in every picture! So here are the basic pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe-

  • A stunning white top You may have hundreds of tops in your closet with all the colors of the rainbow, but one thing that usually stands out the most and this is my personal fav is a classic white tee. you could experiment this color with almost anything and everything. Pair these with some statement pieces and you can rock the outfit anytime be it day or night.


  • Black jeans – If we talk about having a white tee is a must, how could we forget the charm and sexiness black jeans brings to an outfit. It goes with almost everything and makes you look like a goddess.


  • ballerinas or Flats – Even if we go gaga over the latest trends of heels and cannot get enough even with ten pairs of heels that look exactly the same and still not feel content (me!!), the one item that we always wish for after wearing those cruel sky high heels are the flats. They are a girl’s ultimate weapon to stay sane and with two functioning feet. Cute flats always make the outfit pretty so having them in the closet is a total no brainer.


  • Scarves-  These are perhaps the most underrated item is a girl’s closet, but have the power to make a meh outfit totally awesome. And with the variety of designs available, they deserve an honorary space in the wardrobe.


  • Statement jewelry – There are times when you imagine an outfit to be perfect but once you put it on it doesn’t look as good as you thought it would be, ya that’s basically my everyday problem! But that does not mean that the outfit is bad, it just needs a boost. Like salt enhances the taste of the food, so does a pair of statement jewelry. It completely transforms a boring look to a beautiful look.


So these are my list of items that I feel is absolutely necessary to complete your wardrobe. Now you would say I had six items to share but I only mentioned five. This is because the sixth and the most important accessory you would have is your smile! (cheesy right?). But with all honesty, even if your outfit is perfect but if you don’t feel happy about it even the most expensive outfit will look like shit but if you have a positive attitude even the cheapest dress will bring out the best in you! I guess this is all I have to share for now and I hope you guys found this blog interesting and fun to read! Until next time!! ❤


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