The most delicious coffee biscuit pudding evah!!!

I could quit coffee but hey I am not a quitter ! This is my excuse when I see coffee every single time. Since coffee is my fav ingredient on this planet earth (literally! :p), it is only fitting to share one of the easiest and mouth watering recipes I love hogging on. Enjoy…


  • Biscuits of your choice (preferably marie biscuits!)
  • Your fav brand of coffee
  • 1 condensed milk tin
  • 1 Nestle or Amul cream tin
  • Wafer chocolates of your preference (for decoration)
  • Sugar (if you cannot get hold of condensed milk)
  • Water



One reason why this particular dessert is my favorite is because this is literally the easiest recipe to make and I being the most laziest creature you will come across can make this in just 10 minutes! (:D)

  • take some water in a  vessel, add 1 tspn of coffee along with 2 to 3 tspn of sugar and let it boil for good 10-15 min.
  • open your condensed milk tin and cream tin, pour it in a bowl and whisk it till it turns into one good heavenly mixture.
  • open the wafer chocolates and crush the chocolate using a pestle or any hard object until it is completely mashed into a chocolate powder consistency.
  • once your coffee is boiled, take it off the stove and allow it to cool down .



  • once the liquid is cooled, start dipping the biscuits into the liquid once before placing it in the serving bowl.
  • once the area of the bowl is covered pour some of the cream mixture over the biscuits till it is covered and pour 1-2 spoons of coffee liquid over it to give it an extra coffee boost .
  • repeat the same method again and again until the bowl is covered halfway full (or you could keep on layering it, the more the tastier!:P)


Don’t worry it will all come together!! :p


  • once you are done layering it, you are almost done but hey we need to decorate it with the crushed chocolate to give it the finishing touch. you could decorate it with any favorite sweet or just eat it the way it is (your wish!).
  • once your dessert is ready, freeze it for over 1 to 2 hours and viola! Your pudding is ready.







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